CEREC Crowns Roseville

Crowns In A Day: (CEREC) Crowns

A dental crown can be recommended to solve a fairly damaged tooth. If pain is experienced when biting down or eating, there is a good chance your tooth may be cracked or fractured. Typically, most small cracks or fractures can be repaired with fillings. Larger cracks and fractures on the other hand, are a much more serious condition.

Contrary to common belief, teeth are not bones. The strongest and largest component of a tooth’s structure is the enamel. While tooth enamel can be as hard as bone, it cannot heal like bones can. Here at Rocky Ridge Family Dental, we take pride in maintaining an up-to-date practice by utilizing the latest dental technology available.

The latest advances made in dental equipment mechanics now allow us to provide you with high-quality crowns in just one visit. There are many benefits to opting for a CEREC crown over a traditional dental crown. A few of those benefits are listed below:


  1. Non-Invasive Procedure: Assuming gums are in a healthy condition to allow for this procedure, there is no invasive surgery involved. Our Rocky Ridge Dentist simply will file down a small layer around the entire tooth to allow the crown to be placed securely. In most cases, this can be done without the need for anesthesia.

  2. No Downtime: Since there is no surgery involved, you can get on with your day after just a few hours. The crown is digitally designed, then milled in-office with our state of the art CEREC machine. Afterwards, we then polish, fit and secure the crown.

  3. Less Prone to Cracks, Fractures, or Flaws: The CEREC crowns are designed from a small solid block of ceramic or resin material. This makes it prone to less cracks or fractures than traditional porcelain crowns. This means your CEREC crown can look flawless for years!

  4. Smoothed Polished Finish: The smooth polished finish that CEREC crowns offer is made to last and shine similar to your natural teeth.

  5. Colored to resemble your natural teeth: Our Rocky Ridge Dentist can custom color your crowns to match the shade of surrounding teeth. Matching your crown’s color to the color of your natural smile makes this procedure discreet. Your friends and family wouldn’t even need to know you had a crown implanted.

  6. No temporary crown or fitting required: CEREC crowns are molded through a modern full-color digital scanner. The scanner works to create a 3D image of your teeth to create a perfectly fitting tailor made crown to last you a lifetime. There is no need to taste any messy goop while creating a mold to make impressions of your teeth. You can have your permanent crown created and installed in the same day.

  7. No Follow-Up Visit: A follow-up visit to our Dentist in Rocky Ridge for CEREC crowns is simply not necessary since there isn’t a temporary crown to remove, no waiting period for a permanent crown to be milled at a dental lab, and no recovery to take place after surgery. The entire CEREC procedure can be done in as little as 2 hours time. You will just love being able to continue on with your day as normal with your new CEREC crowns.

  8. If you would like to learn more about CEREC crowns offered at Rocky Ridge Family Dental, schedule a dental consultation with our Rocky Ridge Dentist. To schedule an appointment, please call our practice at (916) 644-0828 or simple fill out our contact form.